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April 21, 2024
Final Alabama Update
Final Alabama Update
April 19, 2024

Eco-Friendly Products


Most people shop at commercial or big box stores for everything from fresh produce to furniture. Commercial stores (Safeway, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods, Gap) are easy to access and have a diverse variety of inventory. Big companies have large profits from these commercial stores with mass consumers. The problem with these stores however, is the impact they have on the environment. With a large inventory comes lots of packaging, transportation, and goods coming from factories sprinkled around the world. 

Big commercial stores have a huge impact on the health of our climate. Large stores require frequent restock of inventory, especially with new styles and trends happening everyday. The main problem from these stores is the products themselves. Most products use plastic packaging and are made out of plastic. Making this plastic requires burning fossil fuels which releases Co2 into the atmosphere. To get the products from factories to store locations it has to be shipped or flown, both of which have major impacts on air quality and the earth’s temperature. Once products are in stores they are bought by consumers. Products that are mass produced in a short amount of time often only last for a few months which cause the consumer to buy another very quickly. This continues the cycle of mass production and even more inventory being produced. After a product has been completely used or broken it is discarded in landfills or in the ocean. 

An eco-friendly product is a product that does not create further damage to the environment. Eco friendly products are made with the intention of minimizing their effect on the earth. Not only are eco-friendly products made with natural materials that discourage fossil fuels, throughout the process of making them the impacts of their production is taken into consideration. Eco-friendly products also create awareness around pollution and the damage of plastic and other materials. Through eco-friendly products we can help slow the effects of pollution in our environment. 

A large concern about eco-friendly products is how expensive they are. It can be discouraging to buy a product when you can buy the cheaper plastic version. Eco-friendly products cost more because they take more time and care to make. That being said they last a lot longer than plastic products. The EPA says that “It is important to consider durability, safety, efficiency — all characteristics with both cost and environmental implications for the consumer over the life of a product.” Buying a more expensive environmentally friendly product is an investment in your life and in the health of our planet. 

Another reason why consumers don’t opt for eco-friendly products is because of convenience. It is a lot easier to buy from a commercial store than try and find a greener store. There are many stores and brands that claim to be eco-friendly and have eco-friendly products, but are really just misleading consumers, this is called greenwashing. It is hard to know if a brand is greenwashing their products or not, but a reliable way to be sure a product is eco-friendly is by looking for certain certifications. Brands or stores that are eco friendly will have either a “B Certified” stamp, a “Climate Neutral Certified” stamp or a “1% for the Planet member” badge. If you can find these tags on the website or the back of products, you know the product you’re buying is eco-friendly. Below is a list of great places to buy eco-friendly products.

EarthHero – EarthHero makes a wide range of eco-friendly products for all consumers. They are B Certified, Climate Neutral Certified and a 1% for the Planet member.


Seventh Generation – Seventh Generation is a company that makes eco-friendly cleaning products. They are one of the founding B Certified corporations.


Dr. Bronner’s – Dr. Bronner’s is a B Certified corporation that makes personal hygiene products. 


Tentree – Tentree is a climate neutral clothing brand. For every item of clothing bought, they plant ten trees. Tentree is a B corporation and Climate Neutral Certified.


Allbirds – Allbirds is a shoe company that is devoted to making environmentally friendly shows. They are a certified B Corporation. 


As consumers, we have the power to change what is happening in our world by making informed purchases. If we create a larger demand for eco-friendly products, companies will be pressured to put more effort into making their products eco-friendly. Buying alternatives to plastic products is a step in the right direction to getting rid of mass produced plastics products. Overall, eco-friendly products last longer and are way better for the environment. Switching out plastic items in your home for environmentally friendly products is an important way to vote with your dollar and help reverse the effects of climate change. 


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