Rick Steves Admires Europe’s Passion for Community

A crowd of nearly 400 LCS Northwest supporters heard travel icon Ricks Steves talk about how travel has given him a broader perspective of the world.

His views have evolved by getting to know the people in the places where he travels, which is primarily Europe. Steves was the keynote speaker for our annual North Puget Sound Luncheon Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Lynnwood Convention Center. The video below is his half hour presentation.

Steves said he has benefited from learning about Europe’s passion for community. He measures the caliber of a community by how they care for people in need.

“Lutheran Community Services – what a beautiful concept,” Steves said. “Motivated by our faith we’re taking action, we’re working together as a community and in our community. We’re dealing with a lot of important and pressing issues.”

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